MultiRichie can be used as a rich media banner tag that is activated from a normal ad server line item. You can use an existing or new ad server ad-unit from where rich media is delivered. This would normally be a 1x1 placement or your top leaderboard. Make sure you don’t use safe frames.

Once the tag is activated, the old ad-unit is replaced by a set of new ones, depending on what rich media sizes you allow. The ad-unit with the highest revenue will win in the auction. So your 1x1 ad-unit can become a sticky side ad, sticky footer ad and/or an interscroller. It is also possible to make combinations like a left and right sticky side ad, but shown simultaneously, see our example page. MultiRichie optimizes to the highest revenue and only uses agreed (combinations of) rich media formats.

More impressive formats like push-right or push-left sticky side ads or double sticky footer ads are possible. Our technology ensures high viewability and click through rates what will lead to high CPM's. Apply now, also when you are interested in custom layouts.